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Portrait for the WSJ

In June I shot an assignment for the WSJ about the restrictions set on outdoor spaces for Brooklyn bars like the Huckleberry. Owners of the Huckleberry are contemplating their first summer without the added space, which accounts for a large amount of business during the summer months.

“In two to three months we’re going to lose a lot of sun, a lot of summer, quite a bit of business,” general manager Jon Katayama said. He estimates the bar’s outdoor space brings in about 30% of the bar’s annual income and says he gets calls every week asking if the backyard has reopened.

NY GARDEN CREDIT: Hayley Bartels

An empty outdoor area at the Huckleberry Bar in Brooklyn, NY on June 3, 2015. The backyard was officially closed last October and the owners are contemplating their first warm season without the added space.  The bar and backyard have been open for seven years, and the general manager estimates the outdoor space brings in about 30% of the annual income. CREDIT: Hayley Bartels for The Wall Street Journal NY GARDEN

CREDIT: Hayley Bartels for The Wall Street Journal

Cityscapes: NYC

Images of Wall Street/the Financial District and Little Italy in NYC shot on Illford film with a Nikon Fe2. I try to shoot with film as much as possible, although I haven’t been shooting much black and white. But after this set, I am back in love with the tonal range of film. Can’t be beat, not even with digital.  I also just love shooting with my Nikon Fe2. It was the first real camera I ever owned and I think the images I shoot with it are much more interesting then with my DSLR. I’m not sure why, but I think it has something to do with the simplicity of it…and not being able to see your images.

026 025 024

005 010

And here is a random one from Venice, CA. I’m not even sure where it came from nor do I remember shooting with this camera last time I was in LA. But it was a nice little surprise.


Growlers at Baby’s

It was nice to see a little SoCal in the middle of a NYC winter. Growlers during 4 night residency at Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn NY, from March.

Growlers at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, NY on 3/4/2015. CREDIT: Hayley Bartels

Growlers at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, NY on 3/4/2015. CREDIT: Hayley Bartels

Growlers at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, NY on 3/4/2015. CREDIT: Hayley Bartels

Growlers at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, NY on 3/4/2015. CREDIT: Hayley Bartels

Growlers at Baby's All Right in Brooklyn, NY on 3/4/2015. CREDIT: Hayley Bartels

Van Brunt Distillery for the WSJ

I shot an assignment for the WSJ in December on the Van Brunt Still house in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  The story was about the growing number of New York area distilleries that would be opening their doors on Dec. 13, after the recently signed New York Craft Beverages Act, which permits “farm distilleries” to serve full-sized pours without needing a separate license.  The Act is part of a broader state move to help support farmers, bring in tourism dollars and raise the profile of the state’s beverage producers.  Van Brunt Stillhouse is one of such distilleries affected by the new legislation.  It is run by husband and wife team, Daric Schlesselman and Sarah Ludington.  Daric is in charge of production, while Sarah runs the business and marketing side of things.  When I visited the distillery, Daric had recently quite his day job as a TV producer to work the distillery production full-time.

NY DistilleryNY DistilleryNY Distillery

NY DistilleryNY Distillery

NY Distillery

Van Brunt also held a tasting event where they served custom made, craft cocktails. Under the new NY law, Van Brunt can now serve larger amounts of alcohol i.e. cocktails and craft drinks, where before it was only shot size tastes.

NY Distillery

NY Distillery

Some outtakes:

NY DistilleryNY DistilleryNYdistillery_0247

Reinwolf at the Bowery

Reinwolf played the Bowery Ballroom in NYC on Aug. 1st, coming off a lot of buzz from their recent performance at Newport Folk Fest a few weeks earlier.
Reignwolf at Bowery Ballroom, New York, NYReignwolf at Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY Reignwolf at Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY Reignwolf_114 Reignwolf_122bw Reignwolf_125bw Reignwolf_136bwReignwolf_129bw Reignwolf_138Reignwolf_139

Jeff Goldblum’s jazz show at the Rockwell in LA

While I was in LA I shot an assignment for NPR of Jeff Goldblum’s jazz show at the Rockwell in Los Feliz, Los Angeles. Goldblum performs every week with The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra at the Standard and he is rather good, if not incredibly entertaining. The story was published for Weekend All Things Considered and I strongly suggest a read. Goldblum is definitely a man of many talents and boy does he know how to work a crowd. This was defintiely a fun shoot, although it was incredibily dark inside the Standard, so i didn’t get the nice formal portrait I was hoping to capture but Jeff Goldblum and the fine people at the Standard were all wonderful to work with, so overall a great experience. View the story at NPR and see photos (plus a few extras) below.







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iPhone Street Photography

This post is inspired by a recent KPCC Audiovision post “The Souls of LA” featuring the intimate street portraits by photographer Sam Smotherman from all over southern california.

Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 4.04.15 PM

He is also the co-founder of the world’s largest street photography experiment, the 24 Hour Project. The Instagram street photography community is quite astounding and, at least for me, inspirational. Like many, when iPhone photography first started to surface in the photojournalism community as a legtimate way to document, even before Instagram, I was skeptical. But as photojournalists and publications began to utilize the iPhone to create some pretty impressive imagery, the potential for Instagram and iPhone photography became pretty obvious. It seems that the iPhone potentially has the ability to capture much more intimate moments, as it is much smaller therefore less intrusive than the traditional DSLR. It’s no secret that a traditional camera with a huge lens can be intimidating to a subject, not to mention draw unwanted attention to you as “the photographer” (plus lets not forget the sound of your shutter going off). I’ve found, as have many, that using your iPhone allows images that  are less confrontational and more, perhaps, reflective. Personally, I find I use Instagram as sort of a visual notepad, testing out ideas and imagery I see in daily life. I also have found I tend to be more playful and adventurous with iPhone photography and Instagram. I think it’s because the pressure is off to make a technically perfect photograph. But also there is something freeing about shooting with an iPhone, where you can only work within certain components (frame, filters, lens, etc.) and so you become more focused on the image you are constructing. It’s almost easier to push boundaries and be creative when you have limits you have to working within. For anyone familiar with the band the White Stripes, Jack White speaks of this very same concept in regards to the band’s stripped-down approach to the blues . White talks about limiting oneself so you can create more, about being forced to work with the tools at hand to create something new and authentic .  Anyways, The Audiovision post reminded me of some of my own Instagram/iPhone photographs, which I guess could be categorized as “street photography”.

IMG_2249 IMG_2296 IMG_2299 IMG_2376IMG_2548

I also have found some other pretty great “street photographers” on Instagram that I recommend checking out.





National Mall

I’ve been sitting on quite a bit of personal stuff I’ve shot over the the last 6 months so I am trying to make my way through takes.  DCMall_032DCMall_037DCMall_035

One of my favorite subjects is my Dad. Maybe it’s because my grandmother, his mother, was also one of my favorite subjects to photograph…and they share similar qualities or exude a similar presence. Regardless, I find myself wanting to document my father and the paces we go and the time we spend together. When he came to visit me in DC, we decided to be tourists and visit the Mall (since I had been there several times for work but had never actually “visited” any of the monuments as a tourist).DCMall_010 DCMall_018DCMall_026

Train Crossing

IMG_0199_0028Stanley, Kansas




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